Sunday, April 17, 2011

Picnic Day House/Yard Parties--The Day After (27), by Dennis Dingemans

Picnic Days in Old North used to be notable for their negative (but minor) impact on our parking, as happy families debarked on foot from our streets for a day on campus. 

This year fit the new trend.  Rowdy behavior at front yard "house parties" is the most noticeable activity.  While these gatherings are part of what most OND residents like to see, community life and front-yard sociability, the party hosts seldom enforce middle class norms. Shouting and vandalism occur during the events from mid-morning start to after midnight. 

These photographs taken around 8am "the day after" illustrate a tendency to clean up later rather than sooner.  Seen here also is an example of entrepreneurial recycling -- fully loaded the bike's load of empty cans was almost 8 feet high.  The broken OND sign at 5th and E, unfortunately, reflects a level of weekend vandalism that isn't exclusive to Picnic Day.
Dennis Dingemans