Sunday, April 3, 2011

Google Earth Calls Old North Davis “Old Davis North” Despite Knowing the Error (23)

More than a year ago I noticed that Google Earth labeled Old North Davis “Old Davis North.” A recent screenshot of that long-standing error is to the left.

I found that Google Earth has a web page by means of which to report errors and I submitted a report. 

    Thinking no more about it, a few weeks ago former Davis mayor Ken Wagstaff told me he had noticed the error. We agreed that we would each submit a report through the error-reporting web page. That made three reports of the error.

       To this date, neither of us has heard from Google and no change has been made.

       I have begun to theorize that because Google is very much a counting-machine, it might be programed to respond when complaints reach a certain level and to ignore anything below that number.  

      With the report I submitted a few days ago, we are now up to four reports.

      Last week, there were some 200 visits to this blog. I am guessing this means about a hundred people visited--and a like number are visiting this week.

      If only a few of you wonderful visitors reported this error, it might well trigger Google Earth’s attention.

      If you would like to help reach that trigger number, you can click this link to the error-reporting page:
     The graphic to the left is of the error-reporting page, which shows how I filled it out before clicking “submit.” As you can see, it is quite simple and easy to do. Many thanks!
John Lofland