Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Camellias, our Region's Flower, in Old North (19), by Dennis Dingemans

7th & C
This year I attended the 87th annual Camellia Show (since 1924) at Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium.  It inspired me to see where Old North grows this beautiful flower.  The photo of the show captures a bit of the seriousness with which our region regards itself as "The Camellia Capital of the USA".
       Old North gardening expert Kay O.--on E Street since the 1950s--has some wonderful red Camellias in her side yard.  She knows that Camellias are a challenge to grow in the Davis soil and water. Careful attention to managing soil acidity is required.

7th & F
   It is a bit late in the season, but I did an inventory and found 11 households in OND that still have Camellia blossoms visible from the street or alley this week. You can find the red and pink profusions in most areas of our neighborhood (1 on B, 2 on C, 4 on E, 3 on F). 
    On 7th near C the pink Camellias thrive under the garage roof downspout, solving the groundwater quality problem. The best single display is on 6th near E, the Cronan House, where the profusion of dark reds decorates the house and even carpets the ground.  The third photograph is on the 7th Street side of an F Street bungalow.
  Enjoy!  Let me know if you can explain why no white Camellias were found in OND.
Dennis Dingemans