Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7th St. Cat/People Puzzles (16)

In late January a sign reading “NO CAT FOOD!” appeared in the hedge at the northwest corner of 7th and D. It is shown in the accompanying snapshot.
About this same time, a resident of that area of the Old North told me that he had observed open tins of cat food in the 7th & D vicinity.
The sign soon disappeared & I forgot about the matter. But then this week a resident near 7th and D told me she was having a problem of two cats entering her house at night through her cat door--one a skittish creature who ran and the other well-fed and friendly.
She does not like these intrusions and seeks suggestions on stopping them. One commentator has opined: “Use duct tape to seal the cat door. Let the household cat in and out by hand. Sleep in peace.” She would welcome additional suggestions here on the blog.
All of this prompts me to ask: So what’s up with cats--& their relations with people--along 7th Street?