Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flowering Quince Is Blooming on 6th (13), by Lyn Lofland

February is an “indefinite” month in the Valley. Sometimes it wants to be late December, sometimes, early May. But in one respect, February is highly reliable. It always provides a show of color that previews the real coming of spring. Daffodils abound and almond trees show off their blossoms.

And for those of us in the Old North, there is a special treat: flowering quince. If you don’t routinely walk or drive along 6th St., do so soon to see this plant in its full glory. There is a single large bush on the NE corner of 6th & D and a large hedge bordering the 6th St. side of 603 C.
                                                                          Lyn Lofland