Sunday, February 27, 2011

Civic-spirited Bus-stop Bench at 5th & D (14)

A few years ago, Channa and Eric Roe lived at 522 D Street, a location from which they could see the northwest corner of 5th and D streets.
     That corner happens to contain a forlorn bus stop. At the time they were looking, they could see that all sorts of people--such as mothers with babies & the elderly--had to stand long periods waiting for woefully infrequent buses.
      Empathizing with their situation and knowing of the City’s citizen-donated bench program, the couple undertook, with transportation authorities, to pay to install a bench at that stop. A snapshot of the bench and its location is to the left. A second snapshot shows the view from the bus stop toward 522 D. The third is of the plaque on the bench.
       KUDOS to the Roes for their civic-spirit.