Sunday, February 6, 2011

602 D Floated Halloween Evening 2000 (11)

The plan to put a finished basement under 602 D Street prompts me to recall that this will be at least a second “foundation” project for that home. The previous owners--Z Smith and Caz Taylor---replaced the foundation in 2000.
    In one phase of that work, the old foundation was gone and the new foundation between the house and the new footing was not yet installed. As seen in the two snapshots, there was a gap of a foot or more between the bottom of the house and the new footing.
     From some angles and in some lighting, the house could look like it was “floating” or suspended. In fact, it was sitting on temporary pillars installed behind the area of the new foundation.
     As a Halloween evening stunt, the owners fitted an opaque  sheeting in the footing-house gap and put glowing lights behind it. This created an “eerie” organge-ish glow and perhaps created the illusion of floating.  As seen in these snapshots, I tried rather unsuccessfully to photograph that floating effect.