Sunday, February 27, 2011

Civic-spirited Bus-stop Bench at 5th & D (14)

A few years ago, Channa and Eric Roe lived at 522 D Street, a location from which they could see the northwest corner of 5th and D streets.
     That corner happens to contain a forlorn bus stop. At the time they were looking, they could see that all sorts of people--such as mothers with babies & the elderly--had to stand long periods waiting for woefully infrequent buses.
      Empathizing with their situation and knowing of the City’s citizen-donated bench program, the couple undertook, with transportation authorities, to pay to install a bench at that stop. A snapshot of the bench and its location is to the left. A second snapshot shows the view from the bus stop toward 522 D. The third is of the plaque on the bench.
       KUDOS to the Roes for their civic-spirit.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flowering Quince Is Blooming on 6th (13), by Lyn Lofland

February is an “indefinite” month in the Valley. Sometimes it wants to be late December, sometimes, early May. But in one respect, February is highly reliable. It always provides a show of color that previews the real coming of spring. Daffodils abound and almond trees show off their blossoms.

And for those of us in the Old North, there is a special treat: flowering quince. If you don’t routinely walk or drive along 6th St., do so soon to see this plant in its full glory. There is a single large bush on the NE corner of 6th & D and a large hedge bordering the 6th St. side of 603 C.
                                                                          Lyn Lofland

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three Cheers for Holiday Lights Up Beyond the Holidays (12)

As an after dark dog walker in the Old North, I urge three cheers for our neighbors who leave up their Holiday lights beyond December and even into February.
       Hey, its dark out there! Very few Old North residences have porch or landscape lights that lift the darkness very much. And for whatever reasons, our area has never had a decent system of street lighting. So, as I move along with my dog, it is nice to encounter lighting that pushes back the dark.
      A large display of outdoor lighting is especially cheering. Here are three snapshots I took of a home on E Street that is wonderfully bright. (Click on a photo to enlarge it.)
      I hope other Old Northers will follow this E Street exemplar next year and in the years to come.   

Sunday, February 6, 2011

602 D Floated Halloween Evening 2000 (11)

The plan to put a finished basement under 602 D Street prompts me to recall that this will be at least a second “foundation” project for that home. The previous owners--Z Smith and Caz Taylor---replaced the foundation in 2000.
    In one phase of that work, the old foundation was gone and the new foundation between the house and the new footing was not yet installed. As seen in the two snapshots, there was a gap of a foot or more between the bottom of the house and the new footing.
     From some angles and in some lighting, the house could look like it was “floating” or suspended. In fact, it was sitting on temporary pillars installed behind the area of the new foundation.
     As a Halloween evening stunt, the owners fitted an opaque  sheeting in the footing-house gap and put glowing lights behind it. This created an “eerie” organge-ish glow and perhaps created the illusion of floating.  As seen in these snapshots, I tried rather unsuccessfully to photograph that floating effect.