Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Starter Bibliography of Publications on Michael J. Harrington, Old North Neighbor at 721 7th Street (274)

717 7th Street (Davis Enterprise Photo)
Davis aviation attorney Michael J. Harrington, who lives at 721 7th Street, is among the most prominent public figures in Davis. 

As a resident on our northern OId North border, he is surely the most famous Old North resident/proximate inhabitant (especially after Mike Corbett moved north from our northern border).

Because of this combined proximity and fame, it is only respectful to give appropriate attention on this blog to publications on and about him.

A full and professional bibliography is beyond my resources at this time, but I thought it might be helpful if I at least started a collection of items that ought to be included in a future and more systematic effort.

This post consists of three recent publications that feature him. A separate "starter" collection of items (and links to them) also appears at:

The first of these three publications provides an overview of Mr. Harrington’s legal activities with regard to the City of Davis, focusing on actions directed to his next door neighbor at 717 7th Street.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Old North Davis Association Hosts Festive “Night Out” at Hattie Weber Museum (273)

Photo by Marilyn Underwood
Two dozen or so Old North neighbors gathered at the Hattie Weber Museum Sunday afternoon, October 15 for a festive appetizer potluck social hosted by our very own Old North Davis Neighborhood Association.

Photos and other information on this “hood” event appear in the news section of the ONDNA website ( That report can be read by clicking:

Eight candid “snapshots” form a main attraction.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Theft From An Old North Porch, Sunday Before Dawn, October 8 (272)

Just before 5:00 AM Sunday morning, October 8, 2017, a male dressed in an orange, quilted jacket and yellow shorts went onto the porch of an Old North home and stole an array of items. 

He walked in front of an operating surveillance video camera and his activities are shown here:*

If you recognize this person, phone the Davis police at 530-547-5400 and tell them your call is about case # 17-3878 handled by Officer David Dudley.

* I might mention that Youtube videos can be played full screen, zoomed, at very slow speeds, and paused. The person in the video has a distinctive "loping" "walk," or "gait" that is not seen in still pictures


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Nextdoor Seeks Venture Capital Salvation in Real Estate Advertising (269)

The web marketing organization Nextdoor has been of interest from its start as an enterprise with a great deal of venture capital looking for a way to make real money and not just spend venture capital. After several years, we are now told that it has settled on real estate advertising as its money-making salvation! (Among profiles created on Nextdoor, real estate offices were first, followed by pet sitters, we are told. Go figure.) Details from a Nextdoor tweet and a CNBC report follow.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Eleven Trackside Center Visuals (268)

In recent debates over the proposed Trackside Center, I have noticed relatively few visual representations of it. Because much of the focus is on policy and its violation, the appearance of the building itself qua object seems to me to be relatively neglected.

So I thought I would attempt a modest corrective to this situation by collecting visuals appearing on the internet. I went to the City website on this topic and screenshot all the visual depictions/projections of it I came across. By my count, there are ten of them (and I may have missed some). And I found an additional view in a Vanguard article.

We need to appreciate that the developer has provided all eleven and this might mean a skewing in what is represented and in the particulars. So, it would also be good if we had critiques of these eleven visuals from opponents and visuals drawn up by opponents. And also, obviously, proponents might want to provide additional visuals and to respond to opponent visuals and critiques, if any.

I am happy to publish on this blog all additional visual materials and discussions of them sent to me.

1. Looking Northwest - 1