Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sept ’15 to Feb ’17 Minutes of the Old North Davis Neighborhood Association (256)

I recently noticed that it has been almost a year since I last received notice of ONDNA minutes published for public view on the internet. 

Unable to find such internet postings in a concerted search for them, I asked the ONDNA President, Marilyn Underwood, if there were minutes and how I might find them on the internet. She told me that  minutes do exist but that they are on a Google Drive account that has no public URL and that requires that one have a Google account.

When I expressed my concern that this is not a desirable arrangement from a transparency and democratic access point of view, she created a public URL for that Drive, which is:

[I placed the URL given me here, but I now find it opens my entire Google account, including websites, when I click on it. I fear it may do this for anyone, so I am not publishing it. ]

I greatly appreciate her quick response in attempting to make the ONDNA more open with regard to a record of the organization's actions.

Public access aspects aside, it is still not easy to read minutes on that Drive. In the hope of stimulating knowledge of and interest in the ONDNA, I have reformatted the eight sets appearing there and I post them here en masse. Enjoy.

The reader will notice that there are no minutes for several months in the series. I am uncertain why this is and I will work on acquiring and publishing minutes of the missing meetings.*

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A New Supply of Old North Davis Street Signs? (255)

I have been asked what a new supply of Old North Street signs would cost. The answer I can offer is the one I learned in inquires I made about this matter in 2013.

When the supply was starting to run low in 2013, I asked the maker of the first set of signs -- the Newman Sign Company -- for a quote and received the answer that more of the current shape--the “cut to shape” kind--would be $134.25 for one sign going up to $34.85 each when one bought 100. This quote is shown in the bottom portion of image 1.

This price was quite a lot more than we paid for the set of 30 we bought from Newman in 2005 and I asked about alternatives. I then learned that using a “precut” or standard shape sign cuts the cost considerably.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Documents on Starting the Old North Davis Street Signs Program (254)

A. ON Street Sign Organizing Documents
Given that the Old North Davis street sign program is apparently winding down, I thought it might be of at least slight interest to recall how that civic effort started and was structured (although not all of the formal structure was implemented).

Documents providing this information have been and still are posted on the Old North Davis History website, here:

The list of six documents at that location is shown in image A.  Each requires downloading or opening, which is not very convenient. For ease, I have opened and posted all six of them here (images 1 through 6).

Thursday, July 14, 2016

If Enforced, City Waste Container Placement Laws Gobble Up Parking Spaces & Disrupt Parking (253)

Image 1
The City has recently increased the number of waste containers in its collection system by a whopping one-third. On the face of it, this is a major expansion of problematic objects in public places. But, oddly, hardly anyone seems concerned about this mass invasion of obese barrels.

It has made me wonder, however: exactly how are we supposed to configure these new thousands of fat rolling vats when we rumble them out every week?

Seeing hardly anything on this aspect in the color picture brochures focused on “organics,” I have sought the guidance of the Davis Municipal Code. As seen in Image 1, we find that one is supposed to keep a minimum of three feet from each side of each container and to place the wheels of each against the curb.
Image 2

The Individual Configuration Level
This required configuration is displayed in Image 2, where the standard three containers have their wheels against the curb and there is three feet from each end of the line of containers, as required, and three feet between each container.

This arrangement consumes a total of 12 feet between and next to the containers. The three containers themselves consume almost 7 feet. Therefore, we are looking at a City-required line of containers that is almost 19 feet long.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

75% of the 16 E-500s Properties Have Been Importantly, Substantially or Basically Rebuilt (252)

In recent months, the new owners of 516 E Street -- the Pena Home built circa 1919 -- have
 virtually rebuilt it.

The basic systems -- plumbing, electrical, and the like -- has been reworked or redone, the foundation realigned, the roof replaced, and so on. It is pretty much a new home -- despite the fact that the original layout and “look” have changed hardly at all.

That miracle prompted me to notice that this is not the first time in the recent period that this kind of transformation has taken place in the E-500s.  Indeed, it has happened twice before over the last several years.